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Comments (24)

Pretty cool film. Although, like you said, the acting was "goofy", you did a good job with overall effect and atmosphere so even if it was funny at some part (even if it wasn't the purpose), I was pretty much sucked in. I would like to see a second part; Especially since you will "know what you're doing". Also, just in case, maybe tell your zombies to spread out a little, taking this film as an example, when they were chasing the car. Felt weird...

Anyway, Good job!

Thanks for the input mate

You know what, that was awsome.

Fuck the goofy acting, you really put effort in here... gotta say, im pretty proud of you for making this and breaking aay from flash ! Make another one and enhance everything ! you cant go wrong with a bit more tweaking !

Thanks man
I'm glad you liked it

MAN!THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, Thanks man!

that was alot better than i was expecting. i know that sounds like a negative response but its actually im pleasantly suprised

Thanks Luis,
Means alot to me

i figured it was gonna be kinda crappy like a lota youtube movies, but it was really good, howd you get a hold of a green screen?

Thanks man

It's pretty easy, I just ordered a green peice of cloth, and then in my editing program it deleted everything that is green.

lol, thats not bad. Pretty nice overall 10/10 for someone like you making this.

Thank you

Pretty damn awesome work. Man, I would love to be acting as a zombie there haha

You should come next time!

Yeah, I should travel from Australia to Atlanta haha. That would be fun - maybe in the future.

We can trade places for a week. I want to box some kangaroos.

That movie was great, man.

Thanks buddy

Shiiiiit. That was pretty intense. Are you going to be a director?

the last bit in the credits was funny how the guy did like a flip onto the road.

Thanks, yeah I'm going to try.

Yeah geez, we didnt think he would actually do that, he got hurt pretty badly.

Lovely movie.
You've done well dressing up those zombies.
They (and the film) look awesome.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks man

I think you've just scored your biggest fan!

Haha, awesome!

I love my fans

Holy crap zombie outbreak was amazing :D
I favorited it, and it made me subsribe to you xD. Oh, and thanks for sending me the message to check it out or I probably would have never know about it.
I posted under the name of TerranRepublic btw

great work, looking forward to seeing more :)

Thanks man!

And thanks for the subscribe

Dude, that was fucking awesome :D

Glad you liked it!


Thanks for watching!

You fucking own man!

Thanks man!

Man....that was f@cking great.it aws better than most zombie flicks out there.i like the outtakes during the credits.i nearly pissed my pants when that one guy had to do the jump for the car scene.

Haha, we love that one too


damn that is one of the most bad ass movie.you could do a lot of things with that camera.good film and good acting

Thanks Jorge!

great video i liked it

Thanks man

Good work on the film. I thought it was pretty good and one of the best short zombie films i have seen on youtube. Keep up the great work.


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