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Comments (26)

Nice artwork there how'd you do that then ?

I drew it in flash and touched it up in photoshop.

good luck-
and don't make some remake of the usually horror-shitty film! :P

Don't worry, it wont be.

what about a sadomasoquist guy that always laughs for anything and dont stop to cut himself and anybody in his way???

and i dont see guillotines in horror movies since a long time, PUT GUILLOTINES PLEASE!!!

Like Ichi the Killer?

Haha, I'm not making a French revolution movie.

mmm horror

if i lived near atlanta i'd probably help

You should move,
except you might get shat by a mexican.

Its going to be hot. I just know it. By the way...Whens the next gi-go?

I've been working on it.
I'm not sure when it will finally come out since I'm doing this, and my job, but in my opinion it looks pretty badass so far.


wow, that promo poster is awesome. After you make this horror movie, make a horror animation with that sorta realistic drawing!!! D:<
And, I am on dial-up but I clicked on the link to watch the movie and it says I have flash player turned off so... FUCK YOUTUBE!
I will watch it though.
Hope to see some more stuff from you

Thanks man
Yeah I hate Youtube for stuff like that, try Vimeo http://vimeo.com/917493

I will NOT wish you luck... although i do look forward to it.

i have no clue if this post is positive or not!

I'll come down there and make sure it's positive Luis.
Thank you/ I hate you.

Put a killer in there that is never really seen. I'm far more interested in horror flicks whose object of fear is the unknown. Make me say "WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT?!" rather than "Dude, it's just a stealthy old crazy guy in a mask...again". I was thinking, off the top of my head, about a person running around as a puppet to some evil force. Hair and eyes pitch black, skin pale, mouth gaping wide open, the person is basically dead, but still being forced to move...maybe that sounds too much like a zombie or 'grudge' killer, and then you're just going into the supernatural...so scratch that.

Ight, here's another one; a hunchback that moves ridiculously fast for his handicap, and whose face, or even whole body is silhouette-ed out of view. The only time you do see his face, or rather parts of his face, is when he kills someone and it shows extreme close up shots of him in total ecstasy as he's ripping the flesh off of his new victim with his teeth, eyes curled back and everything. Total gore and too brief of shots to really get a good and full look at him. A lot of this depends on your ability to direct.

Your picture is very nice.


I really like the puppet-possessed idea. That would be really creepy, I'm not sure if it fits for this movie, but I may like to use that one day.

Thanks man

It depends. What kind of a horror movie is it? With things like monster ghost , zombies and that or more realistic with psycho's. Twists... Dont make any twists like the hero's best friend is actualy the killer or some shit like that..Fucking retarded. Tips right? I watched allot of scary movies. Like most of them . Most of them were crap. 30 days of night fucking owns.. The key to the fear factor is music. The right twists in the music or sound will fuck around with the viewers mind.
Metal is not scary its awesome and more aggressive ( Telling you this because I know some peopel on NG whi used metal in horror flashes which was cool but it didnt scare, it just made you yell something like : KIL!!!!!PWNZER !@!! FUCK YEA!!).

90 mins? wow thats alot. This isn't a flash movie , is it ? Good luck!

Yeah I pretty much agree with everything you said. 30DoN was awesome. I am going to have problems with music though, I agree it is extremely important, but since I will need to own all the rights to this, I cant just go around taking peoples music like I have in the past.
If you know anybody who would be interested in helping me out, let me know.

It will be a live action movie, the flash picture is just concept art.
Thanks man

Okay, here is some things that garuntee your movie its awesomness.

1.) Make sure all the characters act intelegently. There cant be any "Hey, lets split up!" or "I would keep running, but im so tired. Im going to rest here a moment." parts.

2.) Be original. Think of something (or someone) that hasnt been done before.

3.) Dont rely on blood to make it scary. Have REAL terror, and not just some splatter effects.

4.) Make sure to be artistic, that makes movies much better. Make the movie that only the intelligent people will get, and the dumb people will say "WTF DIS SUKZ!"

5.) You dont have to censor your vision. Make it anything you want.

6.) Dont have a fairytail or rushed ending. The ending of the movie is payyoff for watching the whole film, make it satysfing, That doesnt mean it has to be happy, because a happy ending that is silly makes the film much worse.

Hope i helped!

1.) Yeah, I hate stuff like that.
2.) Got that.
3.) Hehe, you havent seen my splatters yet.
4.) Yeah, I didnt do that on my zombie movie, this time I will make sure I feel gross while making it.
5.) I agree

Thanks man!

Do you have a house of any kind to shoot some of the movie in, like a place where the hillbillies live? Because houses are way scarier than forests, you can´t really escape without using the front door or jumping out of the window, but in the woods you can run anywhere. Like in Texas chainsaw massacre, there´s a lot of chasing inside the house, the victims desperately trying to hide and such. At least one person should die inside the house too. If possible, have infected syringes in the movie.
Don´t have a happy ending. Horror movies shouldn´t end in that"everything´s ok" feeling. The fear should continue even after the movie is over.

I've got better than that.
I found some old ass abandoned house. It's creepy as shit and it looks like it's about to fall over.


Great drawing, good luck on the movie.

Thank you

hmm interesting horror flick :) , i doubt it's not just any macabre flick probably more sinister and superb. anyways goodluck :D ...

Hope so,
Thanks man!

as far as deaths you should have someone put a trap device on someone that reads their heart rate and if it goes under a certain point it kills them, so they have to keep running. That would go well well with the title.

Kinda like Crank meets Lost.

I like the idea, but it dosent really fit.

Yay, I saw the zombie movie of urs. It was quite good. Wait, it was really good.
But I won't be all lalalala
I will be telling you what I think you ahould improve on :)
Okay, some of the expressions in the voice are not quite there.
Some parts are very unrealistic(excluding zombies lol). These are parts such as...when that chick was getting chased by a zombie and u go up to her and say r u okay? I think in real life, people would act differently and not just say yeah and keep quiet.
Also, that zombie chick you hit and shot who was on the ground annoyed me lol. I wish I was you with the shotgun in that situation. She annoyed me by the way she acted on the ground. I think it may have been bad aacting.

But, that's just some improvements to make.
The effects you did were great and the camera work was quite nice. Really nice movie you made.

Yeah there are tons of things wrong with that movie. It was mostly a test for me to see what I could do effects wise.

Thanks though!

It's awesome that you start with stuff like this, you really have some potential that you could use.

For your next movie i personally would like to see the characters a lot more scared, for example, in your zombie outbreak movie (that still was great) the characters where talking normaly at 2:24 to 2:33, then in 3:21 when he (you) shoot the zombie girl, he was like normal, i mean as if those guys see zombies all days they are like ohh another day with these fuckers.
You have to show the characters totally scared, like Amy, the girl, and if they have battled zombies for some months for example, then you can show them more brave but always with the preocupation and an amount of fear.

hope that that help and keep on doing this, you are very good

Yeah, I'm getting much better actors. I won't be in it much, but when I am, I will be acting better.
It is definately a priority for this movie.

Thanks a bunch

also don't forget about our old and loved Gi-Go

Don't worry

You'll love his new look.

Looks pretty sweet, can't wait!

Thanks man

regarding your post on OctoFlashs blog

Gi-go all OctoFlash did was use a mask over the animatio and doubled a slightly bigger background image, if you arent sure what Im talking about Ill go into further detail in pm,

we are all here to help each other , its the only way to grow. The fact that OctoFlash thinks its some sort of trade secret makes him and his attempts at flash even more laughable.

remember this, if everyone could do what you do, then that will force you improve and get better. only lazy people with bad MGS parodies would be afraid of that.

Thanks MC,
Appreciate it.

Jeez I'll never be that good O__o Awesome artwork and I can't wait for it to come out. By the way I was just wondering, what flash program do you use? Your work always looks so clean and realistic.

Thanks man

I use Flash CS3, but using photoshop along with it is probably what gives it that look.

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