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Comments (12)

NG has a famous person now.

Haha not quite, I think soulja boy was on here though lol

looks ok ill have to see it man!!!!!!

Thanks man

Pretty good. Well directed AND well acted (which is a rarity with certain low budget films). My only gripe is the script/dialogue. It's WAY too obvious that you're a Tarantino fan. And the running sequence was almost exactly the same as Trainspotting. It was well done though, so I'll give credit where credit is due. Congrats on getting as far as you are. I'm sure you'll prosper.

Thanks man, I can see the Tarantino thing, I wasnt going for that, I just wrote down a conversation I had with a friend and wrote it into the movie, so I guess since it wasnt compressed for film it seemed that way.

Thanks a lot!

That was better than i expected, tbh. Do you draw any inspiration from Kevin Smith? Dialogue seemed similar.

Not crazy about his stuff other than the original Clerks. Most people mention Tarantino, but I wasn't really going for that either.

Thanks :)

Looks pretty damn interesting, better than a lot of the shit movies being turned out at the moment anyway, keep up the work, i'd like to see a finished copy, maybe even purchase one if the price is right :)

you got my interest for sure.

Awesome man, I'm aiming at the netflix instant stream type of audience, so maybe it would be free for netflix users :)

Good luck dude, looks cool

Thank you

well you're no soulja boy but that was pretty interesting. I liked it and looking forward to more.

btw, I loved the colors, what camera are you using.

Thanks MC! We used two sony ex3s and I did color correction in after effects.

looks like it may be inspired by slc punk a little bit, i mean if they weren't all wearing the same jackets they could've let they guy leg it out by himself, also a little overreacting with the switch blade maybe? ha but looks interesting.

Hah it was the actor's idea and I just kind of let him run with it since the automatic knife was so cool looking :)

That dude looks like john stamos during his Uncle Jessie years

There will always be a warm spot in my heart for dear uncle jessie, but not that child fondler uncle joey.

badass man, you did freaking good, where can i watch the whole movie? this is something i would watch, love the misfits song. great job dude.

We are trying to raise money to film the rest right now, but I will probably post it on Netflix instant when it's done!

Thanks a lot :)

If I could rate it 10/10 I would This post is old so is there anymore I am anxios to hear and see more about it good job.

Thanks man, whenever I get it going I'll post more about it.