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Fun Facts About Me

Posted by Gi-go - July 17th, 2007

My name is Seth Johnson,
I am 6'3, and 155 pounds.
I've been on NG for about 8 years.
I have a lot of passion for art and animation.
I am an aspiring director.
My favorite movie is Garden State
I love music, and I play bass guitar with my friends.
My favorite band is Snow Patrol
I know 10+ types of martial arts, and now I teach.
I like to cook, and learn how to cook things.
I run about 8 miles a week, and work out 5 days a week.
My favorite drink in the world is Red Bull.
My favorite food is Thai super spicy fried rice.
I drive a Volvo S40 07.

My Website is Moonlit Animation

Comments (14)

Hi seth. cut your hair :)

I love you too Luis

Hello! You drive? You look like 15.

Yeah, I'm nearly 17, been driving almost a year now.

Some people say I look like a girl in the face so maybe thats why :)

Hello! 10 martial arts...hmm? I only know 2 styles(N.Shaolin and Tai-chi Quan). By the way...I'm still into Gi-Go and still drawing fan-arts of it...

Cool, feel free to send them over.

Youve been on NG since you were 8?

Hi Gi-Go

Hey Mogly

Yeah, I was way too young for NG, but some programmer nerd at my dad's karate school showed it to me.

Ah memories

10 types of martial arts?!?! What are they?

Also, love your movies.

Muay thai, karate, judo, jujitsu, brazilian jujitsu, krabi krabong, lerdrit, kendo, regular wrestling, muay boran, and balisong.

I also know stupid things like tae kwon do, and kung fu, but that stuff blows.

Glad you dig my stuff

This is Newgrounds not a Myspace Survey >:[

Ahah, nah. Nice funfacts :) You whore.

My life is a Myspace survey.

Dont be frontin.

Holy shit, you're one hell of a renaissance man


Thanks I think

Wow, never new anyone who actually ENJOYED red bull. Cool movies, nice graphics, 10 types of martial arts, you know learning how to use a gun can help just the same :)

Well me loving Red Bull is intertwined with martial arts, I started drinking it before fights and stuff, and now I love it.

I know how to use guns too :3

Well look who it is! Good ol' Gi-go. Well I can't wait for your nect movie. I'm pretty amped waiting for it right now. Hey we should catch up over msn. Add me at bounthunter@hotmail.com

I'll catch up with you later I guess ;)

Yeah man, that would be cool.

Just add me.

you do really good taste for fan-arts,well at least they're getting improved. do you remember that day you saw the first farart :) ?

Yeah I was surprised in a good way.

I really enjoy seeing everybody's different renditions of Gi-go.

I swear i've met you before, but I dunno, we do live in the same state...

You do look familiar

I live around Suwanee/Duluth

the fan-art that i just submitted...i'm just an asian dude wearing blue contacts

I know 3 forms of martial arts..... Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Ni-Jitsu. (kung fu and tae kwon do) dont bolw dude. But meh.

Keep running. 8 miles a week just to keep in shape is great - especially if your going for bulk.