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Fun Facts About Me

2007-07-17 16:51:59 by Gi-go

My name is Seth Johnson,
I am 6'3, and 155 pounds.
I've been on NG for about 8 years.
I have a lot of passion for art and animation.
I am an aspiring director.
My favorite movie is Garden State
I love music, and I play bass guitar with my friends.
My favorite band is Snow Patrol
I know 10+ types of martial arts, and now I teach.
I like to cook, and learn how to cook things.
I run about 8 miles a week, and work out 5 days a week.
My favorite drink in the world is Red Bull.
My favorite food is Thai super spicy fried rice.
I drive a Volvo S40 07.

My Website is Moonlit Animation


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2007-07-17 18:17:52

Hi seth. cut your hair :)

Gi-go responds:

I love you too Luis


2007-07-17 22:37:07

Hello! You drive? You look like 15.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah, I'm nearly 17, been driving almost a year now.

Some people say I look like a girl in the face so maybe thats why :)


2007-07-18 15:38:45

Hello! 10 martial arts...hmm? I only know 2 styles(N.Shaolin and Tai-chi Quan). By the way...I'm still into Gi-Go and still drawing fan-arts of it...

Gi-go responds:

Cool, feel free to send them over.


2007-07-19 10:18:13

Youve been on NG since you were 8?

Hi Gi-Go

Gi-go responds:

Hey Mogly

Yeah, I was way too young for NG, but some programmer nerd at my dad's karate school showed it to me.

Ah memories


2007-07-19 19:39:37

10 types of martial arts?!?! What are they?

Also, love your movies.

Gi-go responds:

Muay thai, karate, judo, jujitsu, brazilian jujitsu, krabi krabong, lerdrit, kendo, regular wrestling, muay boran, and balisong.

I also know stupid things like tae kwon do, and kung fu, but that stuff blows.

Glad you dig my stuff


2007-07-21 11:18:07

This is Newgrounds not a Myspace Survey >:[

Ahah, nah. Nice funfacts :) You whore.

Gi-go responds:

My life is a Myspace survey.

Dont be frontin.


2007-07-22 02:26:17

Holy shit, you're one hell of a renaissance man

Gi-go responds:


Thanks I think


2007-07-23 00:31:47

Wow, never new anyone who actually ENJOYED red bull. Cool movies, nice graphics, 10 types of martial arts, you know learning how to use a gun can help just the same :)

Gi-go responds:

Well me loving Red Bull is intertwined with martial arts, I started drinking it before fights and stuff, and now I love it.

I know how to use guns too :3


2007-07-23 02:11:39

Well look who it is! Good ol' Gi-go. Well I can't wait for your nect movie. I'm pretty amped waiting for it right now. Hey we should catch up over msn. Add me at

I'll catch up with you later I guess ;)

Gi-go responds:

Yeah man, that would be cool.

Just add me.


2007-07-28 14:24:40

you do really good taste for fan-arts,well at least they're getting improved. do you remember that day you saw the first farart :) ?

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I was surprised in a good way.

I really enjoy seeing everybody's different renditions of Gi-go.


2007-07-29 21:10:02

I swear i've met you before, but I dunno, we do live in the same state...

Gi-go responds:

You do look familiar

I live around Suwanee/Duluth


2007-07-29 22:42:24

the fan-art that i just submitted...i'm just an asian dude wearing blue contacts


2007-09-06 06:28:36

I know 3 forms of martial arts..... Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Ni-Jitsu. (kung fu and tae kwon do) dont bolw dude. But meh.


2007-10-25 20:58:51

Keep running. 8 miles a week just to keep in shape is great - especially if your going for bulk.


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