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Flash and Haircut

Posted by Gi-go - August 10th, 2007

Well Zombie Infection is all wrapped up in my head. Its on flashplayer.com and a couple of sites stole it. I don't really care about that though, Its just more visits to my site. I feel Zombie Infection did more for me than I thought it would. I got my first weekly award, a daily award, 20k views to my site, my 3rd front page appearance and a ton of new supportive fans. So thanks a lot to you guys, I appreciate all the kind words.
OG3 and my secret project are now underway.

Anyways, by popular demand ladies and gents, a GD haircut.

Flash and Haircut

Comments (10)

We'll get the bastards who did this!

Give me a place and a time

Secret project = Gi-go 20

I wouldnt totally call that a haircut but ok illl make fun of you a tad less... A TAD.

Thanks for taking a break from mowing my lawn to comment.

Haha, thats so mean,
I'm sorry.

Hey man, how did you get so good at flash so fast?!

Please just link me a few tutorials or something...

Anyway, nice hair :D

Thanks man, but it wasnt really fast. I've been doing flash 4 years.
I tough myself so I dont have any tutorials.

now thats radical ... you look like Dante from Devil May Cry , if you change your
hair white/platinum color. i wish my haircut was like that , but the bad thing
is that i'm in JROTC program.

Haha I never though of that.

I've always wanted to bleach my hair white.


do u rokc i wish u could help me out aon a flash project im doind but i guese ur to busy if u find time ur friend last ninja aka charles

i liked before better. but thats just me and my hair is down to my shoulders now....so i guess i hace no say in this...oh well..that guy who said if u bleeched your hair white u would look like Dante from DMC is mistaken. he has hair like mine. straight but not stick straight. anyway you all might want to know why im still talking and that is because its 2:58 A.M. and i have nothing to do because newgrounds is full of those clock guys....i hate them....oh! its 2:59 now. well peace.

how doin. enjoying ourself so far. just stopping by saying hello. letting you know i'm taking a rest for a while from fan-art because i have important crappy school
schedule/shift "sorry about the excuse", but i'll see to that.

Oh its okay man, youve done a lifetimes worth.

Before was better