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Should I make a comic book?

Posted by Gi-go - August 13th, 2011

It's crazy how much shit you can get done on a personal computer these days. I've created hours of animated and live action video all from my desktop. Some of you know I'm in the middle of making a feature film in Los Angeles that we're getting money for at the moment (budget should be around $600k). You can watch a teaser trailer here at The Wrong Crowd official site and let me know what you think.

I have been thinking about using the style of the image below to make a comic book for my character Gi-go, that I had an animation series for on here that won a few awards. I don't really have time to make animations (that I'd be proud of) while making my feature film and going to college, so I thought this would be a cool alternative right? I mean wouldn't it be cool to tell your kids you made a film and a comic book?

I guess I just want to know if you guys would actually read it. Let me know, I'd appreciate it!

Should I make a comic book?

Comments (8)

Yes, YEs YES!!!


As long as the characters have mouths then I'm down for it.

Sweet! Everyone else does hah

black andalite


give it a try

I remember drawing fanarts for the animation long ass time ago. Nice to hear that the story is ongoing to be in comics.

Yessir it's exciting for me

I think you should do make ! he is like a anti hero if you ask me !

But still he can be like the punisher !!!

Its a creat character you made ! so go in !

Thanks man

YOU BETTER RESOPND what price are you giveing out if your comic comes out? If so will you come to a place for a limited time for you to sign anyone who buyed your comic

It will be free, calm down

Your art looks good enough for a comic book! Even has the right style and feel to it. So how goes production on teh movie? Should be wrapping soon, ya? Otherwise it just gets more expensive the longer things drag on. Wishing you success!

I wish. We're still raising money for it because we don't want to settle for less than what we need.

Thanks a lot!