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Got to hang out with stars of The Walking Dead

2013-04-05 13:58:35 by Gi-go

Actually I got to gun down bandits while acting alongside them. Here's me with "Big Tiny" and "Allen" from the show, after we just got done with a huge battle scene on the set of Lights Out.

I've moved to Atlanta to try and get my feature film made. Please check out the new Wrong Crowd website and let me know what you guys think. Please check out the Twitter too where I post cool punk rock related links daily if you're into that kinda stuff.

I'm currently trying to put a fun web series together that should have zombies, earthquakes, meteorites, attractive women, muscle cars, and guns- all the important stuff. I'll release some concept art for it soon, and then probably a Kickstarter.

I just dropped out of my university to devote all my time to film making and whatnot, so wish me luck with that :D

Got to hang out with stars of The Walking Dead


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2013-04-05 14:12:35

rock on!

Gi-go responds:

Ah thank you sir!
Cannot wait for Rotd2!


2013-04-05 14:16:05

That wrong crowd teaser was awesome.

Gi-go responds:

Thanks for watching! :)


2013-04-05 15:11:01

Best part about the picture? Fingers off triggers! I hate it when people post pictures of themselves being unsafe with a firearm (says the guy who's profile picture is of him shooting a 240B standing...)

Anyway, scary shit giving up the 'safe' path for the fun one. I'm doing something similar, albeit less extreme (and awesome?). Best of luck!

Gi-go responds:

Yes sir, we had US Olympic team shooters on set training people do handle everything properly. I already had some training, but they taught me how to reload while running n gunning all other fun stuff :)

Screw the safe path, good luck sir!


2013-04-05 16:37:51

you are a very lucky person

Gi-go responds:

Just have some cool opportunities :)


2013-04-05 22:44:39

Wow Seth you lucky devil! I just finished my acting classes, so maybe some day we'll work together on something!

Gi-go responds:

Nice man! On the right track yo


2013-04-06 01:37:20

I would love to see more of Wrong Crowd. Seems like it could turn into something great!

Gi-go responds:

Thanks man, hopefully we'll get it going soon :)


2013-04-06 14:23:41

lucky bastard...


2013-04-07 15:57:20

can u hook me up on the show?we're friends.

Gi-go responds:

Hah if only I could get on the show...