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So I shot some people in the face IRL...

2013-08-09 15:45:00 by Gi-go

On my last post I mentioned I got to act alongside some Walking Dead stars. Well now the teaser is out, which I'll post below! It was pretty cool because we got to fire fully operational rifles at people. We were shooting blanks, but it's still pretty weird unloading right at a dude's face. I brought my girlfriend to the first day of shooting and they ended up using her in a lot of shots (young brunette).

The producer of that film is a Walking Dead makeup artist and after finding out I did makeup on Danny Trejo on Darkness Descending, he brought me onto another horror film called The Circle to do special fx makeup with him. They just released the trailer for that film you can watch here on vimeo.

I'm getting a little behind on my own personal projects, but I've started planning out a Kickstarter campaign for my own web series which is kind of a dark comedy modern take on The Warriors with a female lead. Sounds weird I know, and I told myself I'd never do a Kickstarter but I think I have an original tactic for the campaign so I may try it out soon.

I also updated my website Lunacity Entertainment please let me know what you think! <3


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2013-08-09 17:24:04

Lolwut? I've heard of you.


2013-08-09 21:17:30



2013-08-10 01:29:38

Me too, I'm the hat in the photo.


2013-08-10 03:26:07

looks pretty cool, gonna keep an eye out for it and maybe pick up the book.

Gi-go responds:

The books are pretty cool, especially if you're a gun nerd.


2013-08-10 12:48:55

wow this is a fucking cool post, keep making news posts!

Gi-go responds:

Thank you!


2013-08-10 14:01:19


Gi-go responds:

Thank you sir!


2013-08-10 17:49:08

Very awesome Seth! Nice to see you living the dream yeah?

Gi-go responds:

Not until I can make decent money off this stuff lol

Hope you're doing well man


2013-08-11 04:38:09

Even I didn`t watch movie yet, I can say that the screen says it is going to be a good one !

Gi-go responds:

Can't go wrong with those guns :)


2013-10-06 20:54:53

daddy was a real good dancer


2015-04-27 10:43:45