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pretty funny David

That was pretty good but you should have disguised yourself a bit better, im 100% sure you're David Firth


This is great. This reminds me of David Firths fat pie stuff. If i suspected anyone of being his alt it would be you

Looked good

I hate locks/clocks and all those groups but revemge is great. Good luck on getting the last laugh.

PlexityMusic responds:


Very nice

I couldnt find any problems with this flash at all. You've mastered that little manga style, it looks very good. The action unlike most movies was well presented especially for what you were working with. I liked the slomo gun action, I was glad to see somebody on newgrounds knew how a gun works and that the entire bullet dosent come out of the gun. Very good work man.

ehh didnt turn out too well

i dont think claymation is made for action clips. Why dont you just do it with animation? It will look a million times better because with clay you cant really show anything detailed. Like that horrible martial arts, his stance was grabbing his own arm? Thats rediculous, honestly. Why dont you try regular animation next time.

MackProductions responds:

"why dont you just do it with animation?" - claymation is animation, hence the full name of clay animation. But obviously youre refering to flash, and i don't do flash animation. I dont enjoy doing it, I enjoy claymation.

And his stance? what he was doing was having his left arm forward with forarm at a 90 degree angle over his right arm(not holding his right arm). And his right arm was outstrentched forming a clench position. Im sorry you didnt like that stance because i didnt copy all of the ones you see on your little movies.

also, whats up with your ratings? 0 for sound? you never even mentioned anything about the sound. Style 0 eh? and a 1 for violence? dude did you watch it? a frickin sword went into a guys eye and you give it a 1? One your scale, with a 0 being no violence at all, you automaticcally jump to a sword going into a guys eye for a 1? i hate to see your 10

You know what?

I think im going to give you a 10 just because all these ignorant assholes called you emo. Have a nice day!

Purple-Peace-Monkey responds:

THANK YOU!!! You, sir, are one of the few people here that has a brain and is physically capable of using it. Though I still hope you liked it.


That was a really dorky song you made. I hate the animation almost as much as the song. I really dont like any of your stuff. I dont know how anybody could think that that song is funny. I's like to see if you have talent reguardless; why not make a flash that uses effects, colors and whatnot. You cant rely on fbf alone.

Dustball responds:

Luckily I didn't use any fbf except the mouths. The black and white color scheme comes from the video that it is parodying. You obviously didn't get the song/video at all.


That was pretty good for a short. He should have ate the bunny though. I think the scores a bit too high but that isnt your fault

Why are you doing this?

You obviously have some talent yet you are a clock? 98% of clocks are talentless 10 year olds who hide their high pitched voices with that synthasized microsoft sam voice. My advice to you (Im helping) would be to leave the clocks and be somewhat original.

biblo responds:

i'm the 2% B)


None of them really made me laugh exept the foamy one. He dosent deserve what he has.

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