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Gi-go's News

Posted by Gi-go - June 14th, 2008

And It will be called "Run For Your Life" (Don't worry, it is in context of the movie, not just a lame name). It should be fun, I will shoot over the next couple of months probably since the movie will end up running around 90 minutes.

I've already got most of my cast, I just need two more big bad guys. So I will probably hit up Craigslist pretty soon for all that, so if you're a meaty dude and you live in Atlanta, get a hold of me.
I'm really going all out on this one, I'm getting good actors, good effects, locations, story line, and anything else I can think of along the way will be to my full ability. When it's all done, I will probably try to get it on IFC, and into a ton of film festivals.

I've got most of the plot planned out in my head already and will soon start writing the script, but I want to ask you guys what you think would be cool to have in a horror movie, like what kind of deaths, plot twists, effects, anything like that just let me know. If I use it, I will credit you in the movie.
If you still haven't seen my zombie movie-
Check it out.

Wish me luck!

Slasher-Horror Movie In The Works! Need your input!

Posted by Gi-go - May 19th, 2008

Hey guys,
I wanted to give a little update to the Gi-go fans, and give some reviews at the same time.
I'm announcing that the last flash movie I will make for a while will be a Gi-go trailer. I'm moving toCalifornia in about a year to go into film, and since it is my wildest dream to have a real Gi-go movie made, I'm going to throw out a Gi-go concept trailer to give people a two minute idea of what I'm about.

It's kind of odd, a character I made up when I was 12 may very well change my life. So anyways, I'm going to work hard this summer to put my skills to the test and make all or most of this trailer. The only reason I wouldn't get done is that I have to do an instructional video series for a martial arts company as a summer job. I don't know how much of my time that will take up.

So I started watching Lost about 2 months ago on ABC.com's awesome player. For someone that has a hard time following tv shows, I think this series is awesome. When I initially heard about the series having flash backs and flash forwards, I thought it would be too confusing, but it actually all fits together really well.

The reason why most people don't like Lost is because of all the plot twists that aren't explained, but I kind of like that stuff as in Abram's Cloverfield where you don't know what is going on, but it's intense. Not knowing what is going on can be a lot more satisfying than actually knowing the answer, kinda like with Legos, where you work hard to finish your castle or ship, then when you are done you realize the fun part was when you were making it.
And since it is the question I am asked the most- my favorite character is Desmond.
I made a little pie chart below for a visual representation of my Lost experience.

Grand Theft Auto IV
I was in awe of this game when I first played it, unfortunately you get used to the cool little details, and it become normal game play. However, that dosent interfere with GTA's awesomeness. I've been a fan of GTA since GTA II on the shitty Dreamcast. I'm the kind of dork that has to go and find every little easter egg in the game.

Anyways, I beat the game two weeks ago, and I was completely satisfied with the experience, and oh my goodness, when I first unloaded a clip into a car's cabin and saw the blood fly all over the windows I nearly sploded' my carotid artery. I was really happy with the new graphics and AI. I felt like the missions all fit nicely together, and were solid gameplay that actually pertained to the plot, unlike the previous games where you run the same missions 500 times for some guy that has no significance. Thank goodness they took away those annoying ass tedious missions where you have to fly remote control planes and cars. Following in that pattern, the game is more realistic, you don't fly planes, and I even got a star for speeding. I mean I loved flying planes in San Andreas, but for the sake of being a complete snob, you could argue this thug straight out of prison wouldnt know shit about planes.
Anyways, if you want to play me, my GamerTag is Sethella.

Even if I may not be doing as much flash stuff in the future, keep watching me, because I will be squeezing out films faster than I did flash. I need to buy some new equitment before I start my next movie though, and I need about 2k, so If you love me and want to buy me things in exchange for the best friend you will ever have....

If you still haven't watched my Zombie flick you probably should do that on
Or a higher quality version on

Thanks for reading!

GTA IV & Lost Review, + Gi-go!

Posted by Gi-go - April 2nd, 2008

Some of you know I've been working hard on a live action zombie film, and I'm pretty stoked that Zombie Outbreak is finally out. This is the first time I tried to do anything challenging with film, so it has a good bit of flaws since I had to learn everything as I went.
I hope you guys can forgive my goofy acting, It was hard to put everything together and jump in and act at the same time. I would like to consider this the third part of my Zombie Lobotomy-Infection series.

So here it is on Youtube.
Please leave a comment here or there (or both) and tell me what you think of it. If I hear that you guys like it, I will make a second part, and this time I know what I'm doing so it will be awesome.

This summer I will be working for a small martial arts business to make some instructional videos. They told me to "just make it cool", so hopefully I can come up with some really interesting ideas. In my spare time I will be making a short comedy film, that is going to be 1/3 flash animation. That will be my film contest movie, so wish me luck on that.
I hope you guys like the film!

Thanks for all your support!

Zombie Film Released!!

Posted by Gi-go - October 25th, 2007

Wow, my first film finally completed.
I am so sure now that film is what I want to do for a living.

Anyways about the movie- I think it is okay for my first one, but I am also aware that it moves much too slow and the audio isn't wonderful. I will try and enter a version with no copyrighted music into two or three film contests, so wish me luck on that.

After all that fun stuff I will continue with Gi-go 3. I have another film idea in my head that would be a film/flash hybrid. That thing wouldn't take me very long to do so I may have that out before Gi-go, but I am good at multi-tasking, so Gi-go wouldn't go too far from the stove.
Anyways I bet you guys are wondering where you can see my movie through all this jabbering!

Here is a Youtube Version
And for all the tools (like me), a Facebook version

Enjoy guys, and tell me what you think!

New Film Finally Out!!

Posted by Gi-go - September 29th, 2007

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know what I have going on.
First of all, I bought a $2,400 Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder, so now I have NO money. I love the thing and I have a short film planned out. This is not the "secret project" some of you know about. When I'm done with it I plan on putting it into a film festival or two. So lately I've been trying to reach record companies to get music rights, so I don't get sued. In the film I plan on using a Reindeer Section, Snow Patrol, and Seo Taiji song. The Seo Taiji label will be harder to get a hold of. I'm just glad I have friends who speak Korean.

Don't worry though! I promise you after the film is done, I will show it to all of you, then continue on Gi-go 3. I need encouragement on this film though, I'm having to learn several new Adobe programs to try and pull my first film off with a professional look.

UPDATE- Here is some After Effects test footage
Demon Face
Hell Sky

New Film in Progress

Posted by Gi-go - September 1st, 2007

Hey all,
Just letting you guys know I have started my secret project and Gi-go 3. I'm not promising which will be done first, since the are both starting out slow because of school. I will eventually get into the funk of everything and start working faster I'm sure. I found a better microphone so Gi-go fans will be able to look forward to better dialogue sound quality.

Today is my 17th birthday, so please leave me a comment and have a drink with me.

17th Birthday and Gi-go 3

Posted by Gi-go - August 10th, 2007

Well Zombie Infection is all wrapped up in my head. Its on flashplayer.com and a couple of sites stole it. I don't really care about that though, Its just more visits to my site. I feel Zombie Infection did more for me than I thought it would. I got my first weekly award, a daily award, 20k views to my site, my 3rd front page appearance and a ton of new supportive fans. So thanks a lot to you guys, I appreciate all the kind words.
OG3 and my secret project are now underway.

Anyways, by popular demand ladies and gents, a GD haircut.

Flash and Haircut

Posted by Gi-go - July 30th, 2007

Hey Guys
So Zombie Infection is out!

Anyways, the next thing I'm going to do is finish up my site. After I do all that I'm going to work on a secret project, better than anything I've ever done. Definitely unlike me and out of my action element though. While I do that, I'm taking a break from the flash community. It may be permanent, I'm not sure, I'll see how it turns out. By taking a break I mean that I wont be on the forums and I wont be doing any collabs or anything like that.

After that whole adventure is over Gi-go 3 will start. I promise to not take any shortcuts on that movie. The base script includes 100 scenes, and mine are known to grow as they go along, so it may be 2008 before you see OG3.

Please tell me what you guys think. Thanks!

Posted by Gi-go - July 17th, 2007

My name is Seth Johnson,
I am 6'3, and 155 pounds.
I've been on NG for about 8 years.
I have a lot of passion for art and animation.
I am an aspiring director.
My favorite movie is Garden State
I love music, and I play bass guitar with my friends.
My favorite band is Snow Patrol
I know 10+ types of martial arts, and now I teach.
I like to cook, and learn how to cook things.
I run about 8 miles a week, and work out 5 days a week.
My favorite drink in the world is Red Bull.
My favorite food is Thai super spicy fried rice.
I drive a Volvo S40 07.

My Website is Moonlit Animation