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Great job guys!

Only thing I would like is a full/larger screen version.

Evil-Dog responds:

just go in options and do full screen?

This is awesome guys!

I never really play flash games because they are usually the same old formula repeated over and over, but this is much different. You guys make a great team, and I can easily see this becoming a very popular game.

I love it, great job!

Evil-Dog responds:

glad to see you liked the concept :D
cheers man

Haha I never noticed...


I had no idea you are a closet "My So Called Life" fan!!
I wouldnt have expected that, but I know in your heart you were the one hoping to win the best couple award with Jordan Katalano.

-Seth Johnson

Like they said, fun but frustrating...

Hey Luis, I was wondering where the hell your Pico fight movie was.

I'm glad to see you didnt make one, thats what 98% of the movies this year were. I wish there was more to this, maybe some knife throwing challenge or something besides running away from a bear. I got really frustrated at the bird thing (in a good way) It took me like 8 tries to beat it. It even made me hit my desk, and games usually never make me mad.

Anyways, this was a cool experiment, and since you lead the example in Pico day movies, maybe kids will stop making the same old Pico vs whoever type of movies.

PS I loved your Korean pop music, I grew up on that stuff. (Korean mom)


Very Cool

I don't really like flash games, but this stood out to me. I liked the atmosphere alot.

You had a cool idea, but I think the animation was lacking in some places. I felt like when the cutscenes came in, everything looked completely different.

I saw in a review you are planning to make a part 2. If you would like some extra help with animation, just contact me by PM. I'll be happy to help.

Seth Johnson

I liked it alot

Im not really a flash game person but that was pretty cool. I havent played that game but once but I can tell it was a great tribute. I really hope this makes front page, youre a pretty good with actionscript.

Foreverkul responds:

I hope it makes front page too! Thanks for the support!


You should have used a swf decompiler for this. If you did that you could have gotten the original recordings of all of those. That means perfect quality and no background music. Think you should redo this.

flashfreakz responds:

well I would never have the time but thanks for the idea, I'll try to get to it but when I work on a flash another idea pops into my mind.

Maybe a bit too easy?

Well I made it to level 20 without being touched. Maybe its too easy, maybe I have good hand-eye cordnation, I dont know. I realize you had to have this in by today but it seems like you could have added more upgrades or types of enemies. The lack of difficult enemies made the blaster useless. The all seemed equally easy to kill to me.


Why am I supposed to foloow this tutorial if your finihsed product dosent even work?

Djmr responds:

It does

just curious...

have you played some aqua teen game cause i have it on my phone and its alot like this, saw this on attack of the show man, thats awesome i would piss myself if that happened to me! (score:1070)

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