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How come everytime somebody makes a strange flash now they have automatically copied David Firth? Just because somebody makes a creepy movie or has an english accent does not mean their ripping off Mr.Fingers.

This movie reminded me of Fight Club for some reason.


Well I think its very good for an experiment but not good for an actual movie. In the future don't use sprites and or clocks because they suck and always get low scores.

P.S. I'm having a seizure.

ok i guess...

Personally I didnt like it, and that my opinion, no need to tell me to "fuck off" or anything. Its just when you make crap movies you have to expect crap reviews and I agree with you when people say how awful it was and they dont have a single movie, but when people are trying to help or just saying they didnt like it there is no reason to come up with some clever way to insult them. You have to just take it, dont be such a punkass. Oh and, altering sprites somewhat isnt shit so dont try to tell these muds that it is.

Deadonarrival responds:

i never said it was you dolt. please go eat bleach.

I find it kind of half assed.

Damnit man! your giving me a seizure with all the damn alpha-ing. It would have been good if you had actually animated it instead of drawing a few pictures. When your tributing to a good movie people WILL compare it to that movie so you cant half ass it, I could have made that in 30 min.

Yeah well

I have seen the movie and this is still a peice of shit. I hope everybody who has seen your shitty movies votes zero everyday until they are erased off newgrounds.

Yeah, I found out...

I found out that all it takes to make front page is a drawing a leprechaun and a frog.

(this guy before me)

Guess again dipshit, jeremy lokken did this not david firth...dumbass


Truthfully, everybody hating you amuses me and it makes me like you just to see people get so pissed off "I MADE A CLOCK MOVIE ONCE THAT WAS LIKE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS GO KILL URSELF NEWB" but your all your movies still make it. So keep on pissing people off, ill keep on reading the reviews.

(frogs mouth was much smaller than dick)


I decided to give you some helpful comments instead of being mean like everybody else..

1).Stop making shit

ghio-james responds:

ok ill stop making shit but it doesnt mean i wont stop banging your mother


That was the worst voicework ever, I dont really mind that you lied about you age but there was no emotion in any of it. Oh yeah, you mis pronounced "chibi"

nalem responds:

Well idiot, maybe next time you should read the description and you'll see I didn't do the voicing!

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