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Wow this was pretty good

I thought the first two were pretty entertaining, and I almost didnt even watch the mario one because I've seen so much mario shit on here, but I did, and I almost wet myself laughing so hard.

I was really impressed with that clip, because I never really notived how strange that game was, and you captured it perfectly. I thought you could have done more with the RE4 clip though. I was really expecting you to have leon shoot the merchant in the head. That just seems like something you would have in one of your movies.

I found this to be pretty funny
-Seth Johnson

Insanely good movie!

I havent seen one like this in a long time, and this was great.

A full tale told perfectly through a flash movie. I think you should enter this in a short film contest or something. I just really loved the whole atmosphere of this, everything was pulled off flawlessly. I usually dont like the big head style bodies, but you made it work. The fbf in this was so smooth I couldnt believe it. You showed so many different things in this and I cant find a problem with any of them, and I'm usually really good at finding flaws. All of your futuristic ideas were completely great. The sound effects were superb throughout the entire movie.

There were some things I dont even know how you did. I wasnt sure how you made the edges of the trees glow as the flying green lines of the masked child went across the forest. I didnt know how you made the shine on the lake look so good either. Was that just a bunch of groups of alphaed white dots? Anyways, it was... wow, very good.
I will add this to my favorites for sure.

-Seth Johnson

Belka responds:

Thank you for the compliment :)

The glowing edges and the glittery water were pretty simple actually.

For the trees, I just made a mask that consisted of thin strips following the edges of trunks. Then made a circle filled with a radial gradient - lime green fading from 100% to 0% opacity, and made this circle move from left to right with a simple tween. When the gradient moves under the mask, it gives the effect you saw :)

the glitter is similar - a mask made of dozens of tiny dots, and under the mask multiple circles filled with a white radial gradient are moving randomly...

in both cases it's better to make the strips and dots as thin and small as possible, keeping them visible though.

well hope it makes sense and helps you with your own works :)

Another good one!

Another good 28 weeks style movie.

The idea to kill the zombie with the fire tennis ball was a little out there, but it looked liked you wanted it to be. I noticed that you did that cool 300 slow mo thing when he was cutting off limbs, that looked good.

The only problem I had was that everything looked kind of rushed and sloppy, your fbf was great, I just wish you had done more detail on everything. If it all had detail then this would be one of my favorite movies for sure. I also thought you needed some different screams and stuff, because they've been used a ton through KDID 1 and 2. Dont get me wrong though, it was still really cool.

-Seth Johnson

danomano65 responds:

haha good one!

Haha, Great

When I looked at this I was thinking "Oh no, another lame Metal Gear parody", then I got a little interested when you said you used his real voice, but I still thought it must not have been done well.

I had my mind completely changed, you did a great job cutting the sounds into this. I mean there wasnt much to it, but it still made me laugh. I think the first Colonel call made me laugh the most. I was surprised how long you kept that going, it was perfect.

Anyways good job, I liked it.


Gaizka responds:

Heh, thanks. I tend to try something more innovative when I do a parody, there's no point being formulaic.

Its so sad...

This really was a good series, and its sad to see it go.

Don't listen to the people who say the humor wasnt good, because I think they just arent the jokes. The animation wasnt good, and I didnt laugh aloud much, but I was always completely entertained, and thats the most you can hope for in a flash movie.

I started watching when number 3 came out, and I think it kept its entertaining qualities all throughout. I'm sorry it hasnt gotten the attention it deserves, but I guess thats how much animation counts. If you worked on that, it would be great.

-Seth Johnson

Haha of course!

I knoew you two couldnt work together without some kind of dick joke.

It was pretty funny though, I liked how you pointed out the Darnell side view face that looks like shit. I really love Johnnys Street Fighter type style. The big hands and definaed muscles bring me back to the day...

Anyways, good job guys.


Hahaha Great!

This isnt the prettiest Pico day movie, but its definately the most entertaining. The only funny one.

I loved all the Tarintino stuff in there, like the Kill Bill song, and the Pulp Fiction diner clip. The mix of all that, the power rangers theme and Steve Urcle, it just made a really good movie.

Good job, you win my vote in the entertainment factor.

-Seth Johnson

What a flash movie should be like

Short, interesting, visually pleasing.. all flash movies should use this formula.

This had a very good fbf animation, it was fbf with full body figures, yet they still looked human and life like. This was very nice looking.

I'm a big fan of Muse, and I think that song worked well. It pretty smooth. The only thing I didnt like as much was the zombie breathing noise, but it wasnt a big deal.

Glad to share the zombie section with you.

-Seth Johnson


Thats all I have to say, but I'll say more anyways!

It was awesome! And Hey! Thanks for the awesome wuick tip, I was confused about that problem! But now its all fixed and my gaming entertainment gear is all ready to go!

I was on the edge of my seat when you guys were walking through the cabin! And then when you found Jason, I fell off it! Awesome!

Anyways, the game review was awesome! I think I'll head over to my local produce and video games market and get my own copy today!

Dad is such a joker! Hahahaha!

-Seth Johnson

FarFromSubtle responds:

Careful dude! Jason is no team player! Good luck with your adventure into awesome video gamedom!



Hey Karl, I worked with you on the Feel Good Inc Collab.

I saw this a while ago when it came out, but I forgot to review it. Then a minute ago I saw the interview you did with Luis and finally remembered to. I think your style is just great. Unlike anybody elses.

I liked alot of this, but some things really stood out to me. I thought the head with the spinning read light was awesome. The open screaming mouth with the spit flying was probably my favorite. (You have a thing for screaming mouthes huh?) I also liked the clips you did for the Time Trial that never was.

Anyways, I hope you are working on something now, that will be out soon.

-Seth Johnson

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