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Very Cool

You pull of that whole simple style very well. I really enjoyed the fbf animation of the girl. My favorite was the guitarist fbf though, I was hoping there would be more of that.

Overall though, it was a really cool idea and this site needs some good music videos. The ones on here are mostly crap, but maybe good movies like this will inspire people to actually animate again, instead of making 2 days games.

Anyways, I enjoyed it, and I hope you make something again soon, because your style is pretty cool, and with a little inprovement in detail it will be great.

-Seth Johnson

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks, your review helped a lot.
I'm constantly trying to get better and try different things with my flash. I know my skills are not that great yet, but I'm slowly getting better.


That was pretty creative Jeremy, it was like a modern day Noah's Ark. I've liked Grandaddy since they made AM180 for 28 Days Later. I recently bought The Fambly Cat, and thought that this song was pretty cool.
Even though you put all the band members in your own style I could easily tell who everybody was. You did a good job on that. There were like a hundred scenes in this, I know it must have taken you a while. I hope you've been working on this on the side for a while, or else that makes me look really lazy.
Well I look forward to your next one man!

-Seth Johnson

I loved it!

Its finally here! I was so excited when I saw that on your updates. Well, of course I thought it was really cool. I liked the concept.
This was the only flash movies to startle me. That part where Michael was in bed and the demon thing was screaming at him. I'm glad yuo took the way out of this without killing the girl, that would seem too shock value-ish. I was really impressed with the down the street view picture in the neighborhood.

There were a few things I didn't like though. The biggest thing was the sound. I thought it was fine after the in bed sequence, but before that alot of sound seems messed up. Like people talking to each other voices would be different volumes and sound quality. Michael's baby-mama's voice was too loud I think. The sound that bothered me the most was the car door though.

Oh shit, I just realized that little girl is the one that got messed up in the halloween collab. Oh no. Wow... ah..

Oh and, how do you make those sound clips like the one on the alleyway? Like that deep creepy demon voice. Its looking really good so far. I hope you're still going to release dead rain.

-Seth Johnson

Very Cool

I usually don't go for these abstract morphing movies, and if I do, I won't watch the whole thing. This one stood out to me, I was easily able to watch it all without getting bored. I pretty much liked all you had in here, so cool ideas. I noticed they got a little less creative near the end though.

One thing I didn't like was the SS, Nazi war scenes. I think you could have made them fit, but the high paced scribbly action seems like something one of the kids do on here and put Slipknot or Linkin Park music through the whole thing.

Other than that though I really liked it for what it was. I hope you can continue to help will this site with a little more than violence and gore. (I suppose I'm not one to talk though :D)

Thank you!

-Seth Johnson

Pretty Cool

I liked how you made it simple, yet interesting. Your style is alot like Adam Phillips (But you already that that). That didn't bother me though, because you still made it yours.

I loved how you focused on the Moon so much, because I really love the moon. It made it nice a pretty. The only problems I had with this is the character design and the sound. The animation of him wasnt so good (You already know that too), but what actually bothered me about it, was the design. It was a really bland character, and looked kind of doofy.

My other problem was the sound. I really didnt like the song that plays in this. It was boring and didnt fit the movie at all to me. Other than those things I enjoyed it though. Keep up the good work!

-Seth Johnson


This is your best since Coffee Break I think. I really thought this was a great cartoon, and I think its a shame so many of the kids on this site can't appriciate it. Its just like if they don't fully understand what you are throwing at them, then you are definately getting a low score. It seems like the kids who did like it thought it was some kind of comedy, maybe it was just me but I saw this as something completely different. I saw it as an interesting and strange cartoon that just kind of makes you think about it, not really laugh, or get grossed out.

I really like all the coffee break world kind of movies. With those characters and stuff, those always turn out really well. Well, I wish you could keep making these without the hassle of explaining to these kids what is right in front of them. I feel your pain.

-Seth Johnson

Some were good.

My favorite author in this was somebody I hadnt heard of, "MilesFromSanity" His parts stood out to me the most. The one after that was the guy who did the ninja alert clip, i liked his style. However, I really hate "Toof", its a shitty unfunny cartoon and I think it ruined this collab, at least for me.


Pretty Cool

I admire the FBF stuff in here. I liked the idea, but more so the atmostphere. It made me zone out and think (in a good way).

It was a nice change to the everyday stuff.


tricolor responds:

Reviews like this mean so much to me. I'm so glad that you liked it and got a positive vibe from it.

I can't say I liked it.

I know you say you don't like the voices, but if you don't you should seriously look into changing them. Plenty of people will be willing to help you with that on this site, especially if theyre getting credit from a front page movie.

Those voices though completely ruined the movie for me. I could even hear you clicking off the sound recorder. Lets go to animation. I don't know why it took you so long, it isnt a hard movie to make. You just made a couple of symbols and tweened them around basically. The only thing I did like, which is why I gave you the 4, the style. I have seen it a couple times, (the black and white with no black lines), but if you would work harder on a movie I'm sure it would look much cooler.

Nandi responds:

Yeh only -now- people would bother to help me. Bleh just for e-fame.

It took so long cos it was the first time tweening like that, first time using backgrounds, and using that style. I don't practice this stuff D:. A month is 720, I only spent 120 animating. Give me a break, it's my first proper movie ;o;

Thanks for the review.


Aweosme guys. I really loved this series. It inspired me many times. Even to make my own, that will be released in a week or two. Its sad to see it go but I'm glad you guys stuck through and finished it.

A real Newgrounds classic, you know that when you get front page and your movie is still under judgement. I can't wait to see your other series played through. Which are you going to work on next?

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