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Very.. Different?

I don't know how to describe this movie. I mean, I didn't think it was funny, but I didn't expect to laugh so I wont count off for that.

I just didnt like the atmosphere of this movie. It seemed very... off and just drove my eyes away. Maybe it was partly the look. Was everything in there a photoshop picture? It looked very pixelated. Also the two characters. Lively with expressions but not at all with any other communication except that annoying laugh sound.

I just think this was badly done but I can't fully explain why.

Wow, Bad

I'm not really a fan of over played songs but I used to really like this one. If it wasn't ruined enough you added on a good bit.
You had me going a bit with the preloader and the bulding animation at the beggining, then it all went to shit. You really really need to work on drawing people and animating them. I mean I saw how you interprited the song and thats fine but the way you displayed it was horrible. I still would have given a decent scor though if you drew the people better.

It was entertaining

Coming to newgrounds since the portal worked I've seen the flash world come along unlike most of these kids. Considering the time this was submitted the graphics are pretty good. It was probably one of the best things on here back in the day. I think it was pretty funny too. I would have liked the ending to be a bit faster and spontanious. I just think this can't be judged camparing to people like Adam Phillips.


I didnt really expect anything to stand out to me in this. The animation voices and plot werent all that great but I really liked the atmosphere of it. It felt pretty futuristic to me. I like how you had a intelligent normal guy kind of hero unlike all the other moves where its just some ballsy muscular trigger happy dumbass. If you made this neater, maybe some gray shadings and stuff, some better music and voices then I think this could be great. Its already good though.

BaconisGood4You responds:

Thanks Gi-go. I'm very happy that you liked the story, as this is the focus. I really didn't have time to work on everything as much as I would have liked.

In the future, I hope I will polish this up or even remake it. I think its a wonderfull story that I don't think I executed to its true potential.

pretty entertaining

Personally, I liked the laugh track. I think it would have been pretty bland without it at certain parts. I like that monotone voice you gave velma, maybe you overused the dyke joke a bit but whatever. Wasnt the funniest thing ever but I could watch the whole thing.

Still dont understand why scooby had a blonde wig haha, (cause its a cycon hair thing?)

Great Jeremy!

You are one of the few artists that I actually get excited when I see they have a new cartoon out. I really enjoy watching your movies, they are always unique, whether its the plot or the humor. I've actually been looking forward to this just from the pictures you've posted around in your profile and whatnot. The only thing I didn't like too much about it was the blood, I don't think the dots turned out that wel, I think it would have looked better with a splatter type look. Reguardless, very cool cartoon, good luck on the next one.

Well, that was bullshit

Let me start by saying your animation was pretty good? I zoomed in and everything looked like a jpeg. What did you use? My problem is that tae kwon do is bullshit. I've been doing martial arts since i was quite small since my father is a instructor and now I am payed to teach little kids muay thai. You should NEVER use TKD outside of a tournament, you will most definately get your ass kicked. You cant use a damn head kick in a street fight, and your sure as hell not going to sucessfully kick a knife out of somebodys hand. My other problem is that it didn't even look like TKD, it looked like some stiff robo-kicks and if that is what you're movie is based out you should show it well. I really think you should make the next one more accurate or stop making them.

Farfire responds:

Like it reads in the credits (I appreciate people who REALLY watch them) I used photoshop and yes, I made it frame by frame, which took some time. Please if you hate taekwondo, don't hate my flash. I don't want to hear your reasons why don't you like tkd. And no, this is not an all knowing guide how you should do taekwondo, it's just a flash movie.


That was pretty good. That knife in the face prank always gets em...


I really have to say that anybody who gives this a zero is a complete idiot who has no real experience aninmating. That was crazy man, I didn't really like any of the music but that aniamtion was enough to make up for that. I kept telling myself it had to be some kind of 3d models but i zoomed in and realized this was all fbf. That is fuckin crazy man! This would have taken me years to make and it still wouldnt have looked as good.

Its not everyday I give a 10 on violence...

I'm all for movie violence, and this movie is definately going to give sickdeathfiend a run for his money. The reason I have to give this a five though is that there is no hint of a plot. Animation was great but for me thats only half the game because its harder to get into it. I'm a big Misfits fan so Die My Darling was a good choice in my opinion, but I do think the baby was twisted. I mean if there was showing some reason for that happening to the baby (Like a Max Payne deal) then I wouldn't complain but it was completely for shock value, and thats kinda childish to me.
Like I said though great animation skills. (Except the guy who drew the fetus shotgun and sidwalk jawbreak)

GoreAddict responds:

Hey what was wrong with my stuff?

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