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Very Good

I wasnt expecting a whole lot out of this since it was a action movie from a guy whos used to comedy but it was good. Looks like you're talented in action too and I'm glad you showed that to us. I was thinking of making something like this one day but just the thought of no big plot in my movies drives me crazy nowadays for some reason.

PiGPEN responds:

Im capable just usually not willing. I really wanted to give Gramps some backstory though and show why he acts (and will continue to act) so crazy in the Morphemon series. Big plots rock.


That was pretty good animation but the biggest ripoff of Dan Paladin I have ever seen. We don't even admit this? I can tell you blatantly stole his type of people (except now with round heads!). The facial expressions were the same, The violence was the same, damn even the explosions were the same. So why don't you give him credit for this style and try something not so unoriginal?

TheDeadRaven responds:

i hav explained this yet

Very good

Haha, I really liked this, You didnt excert your skills all the way there but I think you made it like you planned out in your head and I can tell you're a pretty good animator. The only advice I really have for you is that the pistol was too small. It should be a good bit bigger to be proportional.

Frogcloset responds:

the gun thing was sort of intended
i liked the idea of a little sub plot that hehad borrowed his grans pistol and that it was tiny this was taken out but i left it because i still enjoy the idea of it

I liked it

I liked this mainly because it seemed to be personal to you and you shared that with us. I liked that sketchy animation you used there. Must people try to do but but fail.

The only thing that bothered me about this was the title. Its way to close to the -I miss you- movie that came out a week or two ago. I just think it would be better if you used a original title.

djleeroy responds:

Yeh I noticed that AFTER I submitted lol! Oh well. There's a slight difference in the title and obviously no relevance to each other, there's also a difference in skill too. Mine being inferior lol.
Thanks a lot!

People are dumbasses

Everytime somebody tried to make something creepy or out of the ordinary its automatically a copy of David Firth. Well I do know how you feel since myself and many others have been accused of copying him. This entertained me, exept the butcher knife symbol, that was pretty choppy.

The-Negator responds:

Marvelous review! And yes, some people are ridiculously mentally detrimental. Keep the objective reviews coming, chief.

Hey there

Hey lucky, I never got to review when this came out because I was banned so I decided to do it today. I really had fun working in this. It being my first collab (as you can tell). I think it turned out really nice, its my favorite music collab. I enjoyed working with everybody who joined, we didnt really have any assholes or anything and we got along pretty well. I think that you should start another collab one day. Maybe not music but it would be fun to work with the crew again. Plus ive gotten noticably better.

I think you should change your name

I think you should change your name to Just2Edge or something because thats all you ever do anymore. I used to like your stuff but this lack of originality is pushing me away from your work. It would be one thing if you worked for them but since you have a choice it isnt the same.

just2pale responds:

I should,, its done,, thanks


I was overwhelmed with this. Between linkin park music, trying to hear your opinions, reading the description, Hearing the shit noises and wondering why foamy has an english accent... T-Too much going on for me man.

mrsimon responds:

Thats its intention :D

Very good David

Yet another good one. I'm amazed how fast you can squeeze these out mate! If I were you though, since you didnt submit the other 2, I wouldov combined them all together and submitted. File size may be a bit too large but im sure Tom would let you.

Nice animation

You may not know it but you're a very good artist. Just tell me, why green day? I mean reguardless of me not liking them, welcome to paradise didnt fit in there at all

Dragonsong12 responds:

Actually, it does fit rather well in the story of the comic. The song (as I understand it) is about a person who lives in a dirty, downtrodden city, and yet comes to think of it at home and like it there. The main character of my comic is the same, in a kinda of dark and dangerous world, she'll say "eh, it's not so bad, I like it"
Unfortunately, I don't have the proper flash skills to show that yet *laughs* It's apparent in the comic itself. ^_^

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