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Im sure glad to see you know how to use radial!

i guess I liked it but damn dude, hold off on that fricken radial tool! You used that for almost everbodys skin! It makes everything look really noobish and to me its a shitty way of getting out of shading. You HAVE to learn how to use it properly, its good for knight armor, blades the sky, some light sources, but definately not for skin, and when you use it done make it start right in the middle.

These are pissing me off

I dont understand how you could put in such shitty clips. Jockeys was exellent, he had real people, flowing animation, nice style but pretty much all of the other clips were just loaded with piss poor animation. Its not like they had to do anything hard either. Just 10-15 seconds of decent animation! If they're too damn lazy do work more than 20 minutes on it then screw them. I also cant stand "sk8rs", I like to skateboard, I dont consider myself a "sk8r" but I know damn well I can skateboard better than 80% of those losers. Im sure half of these nerds only know these tricks from playing Tony Hawk. If you think listening to Green Day and owning a skateboard makes you a skater than fuck you.

People can be so unoriginal

I think its funny that people copy David Firth even when he dosent claim to be David Firth. What im trying to say is that this is directly copied from the "Jerry Jackson" movies. I wouldnt mind if you had actually admitted that but its so incredibly present throughout the entire movie its sickening. You even tryed to talk like him. This is complete unoriginal shit.

TomSka responds:

I'm sorry.

Pretty good

It entertained me to see what your take on everything was. It looked to me that you're also a fan of the comic like myself. That made it better for me because I dont like it when people just see a movie once or something and draw a few pictures from it, they have to be a obvious fan.

Trevor is my favorite of your work

The people who can understand you and would complainabout it dont deserve to watch this anyways. Its like a filtering system. Once again, very clever, really liked it.

That was pretty clever

Your animation flows incredibly well. You completely deserve this score. The old lady vagina kinda made me sick to my stomach though. haha

Very nice

I was expecting the usual guy freaks out and kills boss over boring life movie the first 1/4 but it completely transformed and left you with a happy feeling instead of feeling depressed. Very nice and long, this made my day.

Not horrible

Im glad to see you actually worked on this one piconjo because I know you have talent. You're probably just lazy. Anyways I know damn well piconjo didnt die you probably just got sick of doing those kind of movie. I dont blame you. Im sure I would too. I need forward to seeing your movies under a new account!

Jerkoffman responds:

I'm sorry but is really true.. Piconjo passed away this summer. R.I.P

/ Jerkoffman

I protected it

but only because i can tell that you put more work into this than alot of other people (illwill). The main reason you got points off is for that damn computer clock/lock/pube/barney/bot voice. I hate that stupid fucking voice so much you cant imagine. I should probably take off more. Id rather hear your high squeeky voice over that shit. If you dont have a mic get a voice actor or dont use voices.

Nzxer responds:

Squeaky voice? I dont have a squeaky voice. I just have a crappy mic.

Good sense of humor

My favorite was your team america representing on Matt Damon, haha. Good job, I liked it.

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