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Pretty Good

Im just curious; What was the project assignment?

3 Problems

1.That southern accented assassin looked nothing like James Cash.
2.The sound was horrible, I could have done better recording into a shoe.
3.Blood was really light and didnt bring any resemblance of manhunt.

Fix Those

Very Nice

That was really good, some of the sounds werent so great but if they were a worked on this would be a perfect movie. I liked how you mixed that anime crazyness in with a western (especially the demon coming out of the guys body) Very good job, I cant wait to see more of your stuff

It was okay

but it bothers me when people have fight scenes that are really bad form throwing big hooking hay makers keeping their hands down. I know not everybodys a martial artist but it still bothers me


That was pretty good, I cant wait to see if he reviews. Im glad this didnt get whistled for that dumb no making fun of other members rule. I like to believe I made that a rule because back in the day I made a movie called teddy tea bags that was just completely roasting one of my dorky badass wannabe reviewers named "haboki" after I made that he never used his account again

Not good, not good at all...

Im usually not a hater when it comes to collabs because they can be cool sometimes but I gotta say that was the most unoriginal collab ive ever seen, horrible music choice, not concept and the usualy stick fighting plotless bullshit, at least have a semi-original idea. Shame on you and everybody who joined

Pjuki responds:

Just Because we don't all listen to techno..

(actually I listen to death and black but then people would have hated it like you!!)

You did your research

But even if you didnt I wouldnt know the difference, not many would. I believe I can help with your sync problem, im sure its because you sound is set as "event" instead of "stream" its a big pain in the ass but if you just copy all the frames into one scene and set your audio clips to "stream" than it will sync just fine

Nice one man

Pretty damn cool, I bet that band really appriciates you doing such a badass movie for them. Ive never had to say this before but I think maybe it was too long, you had this weird wibe goin on but it went on so long it got duluted and dull. I know you were just going by the song but maybe you could edit the lenth next time.

Pretty good animation

but that dosent make up for that annoying ass sound clip, very unfunny

Wonchop responds:

Rose will bite you


I see people who try to submit their clips from a collab alone that end up looking stupid and doing badly but that was pretty unique, i liked the panties haha, the only problem is the music dopey slower music

Hobbad responds:

Thanks, since so many people are complaining about the music, I'll start looking through the audio portal, unless someone has an idea for a better song, then please contact me.

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