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I seed dat video 2 Boom.

Gotta give you something because the animation was interesting, but the whole thing was pretty boring, and not just because it was nonsense. So much of this list can be disputed, but the most idiotic is saying Obama pulled America out of Iraq. There are still soldiers in Iraq, and the ones that left just went to Afghanistan, or one of the five other countries we started going to war with after 2008. I'm not a conservative, but Obama is a war criminal at best and shouldn't be given a pat on the back for being as much of a worthless cunt as George Bush.

Get this shit made already Redban.
I've been on the edge of my seat for 13 fucking years!

No one can defend against the almighty BBQBEEFBURGERMAN


Very hard to watch. The art is great, I mean there isn't much animation going on here, but you have skill, it just isn't in comedy at least for this flash.

It was just so unfunny that it hurt my brain, but I gave a 3 because your art was quite good.

Great Man

Really impressed with this.
I was cringing when it got to the little girl part. I am still dredding reliving the scene from NG Horror show :D
I look forward to Ep.3 and Dead Rain!

SickDeathFiend responds:

glad joo liked it :D
I will say what happends to the little girl is quite a bit different than the old one, but it will still be bad muahaha.

Very Emotional

While the animation wasn't the best I've seen, you are good at conveying an emotion. I think you should try to expand on that. It's so rare in a flash movie (or even a Hollywood movie) to dread the death of one of the main characters. In this I really didn't want her to die, and I never feel that usually.

Don't listen to some of these reviews. People don't realize we are trying to make simple flash movies by ourselves without some kind of production team, so they pick every little detail apart.
Good luck on the next ones!


DJJ-asshole responds:

Thanks, I appreciate your review.

You explain yourself really well, and that motivates me to do something better.

Again, thank you. I'll mind about the emotional thing being good.


Ive never really laughed at just animation before. When Bitey was slowly walking to the water swatting I was laughing so hard. This was by far the most entertaining of your series. I hope to see some tutorials coming soon.
BTW did that autosave plug in I sent you work out?


Great Job Alex

I'm really happy for you Alex, I know how bad you wanted this.

I liked this one, but oddly enough I favored the first one more. This one is still good it just dosent seem as action packed to me. Your style is very cool and if you spent some more time to do some exta inbetween movement animation I'm sure you will get even better awards than this.

Good luck man!

BritishMoose responds:

Thanks for the support, Seth, I'm quite surprised that NF has received such positive response! I know what you mean about less action-packed. With the first, I only had 37 seconds (I did the ending first) and so it was a lot more manic than this one, which was planned more conventionally from beginning to end. That's what I think anyway ^^

Thanks again for the review - I'll try and smoothen up the movememnt in the next one ^^


Big surprised for me to see you made another movie! Who would have thought that would happen?

Well its cool to see you are playing with a bit of fbf now. I thought it was interesting, and I liked the look of some things, like the sun. However I'm very angry about what your character did to the moon :P

A month or two ago, I was considering remaking Jumanji, that is still one of the best car22ns on here.

Well I hope you keep making movies.

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